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Email Marketing for your Business

Anyie Torres 18 de July del 2018 Email Marketing No Comments

Email marketing continues to be one of the most important pillars of the digital strategy of a business. Some think, erroneously, that social networks ended with email, but it is not. Social networks are very effective in attracting potential customers, but email marketing is much more effective when it comes to conversion and loyalty. If you are not yet taking advantage of the potential of email marketing in your business,…Seguir leyendo

Tools to be more Productive

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Do you feel that time is not enough for you? Do you have a lot of pending tasks and you can not cope with them? … Maybe your problem is not lack of time, but lack of organization. It does not matter if you are an entrepreneur, entrepreneur, worker, self-employed, businessman, investor or student; You always think you need more time to complete all your earrings. Unfortunately it is impossible…Seguir leyendo

5 keys to know and understand your customers

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Why is it important to understand customers? Because, by understanding them, we can create better products, better services, better experiences and more effective marketing strategies. In addition, all other elements of your business model are directly affected by the characteristics of the customer segment you are targeting. 1. Put yourself in the shoes of the client The most important key to understanding clients is: Empathy. You must put yourself in…Seguir leyendo


Anyie Torres 9 de July del 2018 Herramientas de Marketing No Comments

Currently, the market is full of communication tools that promote collaboration and facilitate interaction between clients and work teams. Phone, text, chat, email, web collaboration tools, video conferencing, contact center applications, mobile applications, etc. These tools are often deployed in the wrong way in many companies: instant messaging, email are handled in an independent collaboration platform and the same is true with telephone calls. To improve communications in business, these…Seguir leyendo


Do you want to earn money online and do not know how to start? Here are some ideas to make money easily and quickly.

Anyie Torres 9 de July del 2018 Online Marketing No Comments

Sell ​​what you do not use Start looking in all corners of your house that things you bought and no longer use. The exercise machine that buys and is pulling to accumulate dust, the computer that can be used to buy a new or perhaps some baby furniture that does not use as the cradle or the car, among other ideas. Everything that can be exchanged in money if you…Seguir leyendo