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Currently, the market is full of communication tools that promote collaboration and facilitate interaction between clients and work teams. Phone, text, chat, email, web collaboration tools, video conferencing, contact center applications, mobile applications, etc. These tools are often deployed in the wrong way in many companies: instant messaging, email are handled in an independent collaboration platform and the same is true with telephone calls. To improve communications in business, these tools must be integrated into a system that allows an efficient flow of communication between devices and people, that is, it must have a unified communications and collaboration platform (UCC, for its acronym in Spanish). English). According to a study [1], the unified communications market will have an investment of USD 96 billion by 2023. UCCs offer easy management over communication using a variety of channels so that businesses and users can respond quickly and appropriately, in whatever way suits their situation, using the same platform. competitive advantages that its UC-One platform provides to companies and that in turn takes them to the next level of operability: Software integration: The fusion of your telephone system with software such as CRM and databases simplifies calls and data collection. With this, the organizational communications are aligned with the central objectives of the business, creating a solution that increases productivity and improves customer satisfaction. Integrated collaboration: The videoconferences available with a simple touch of a button, instant messaging with the sharing of documents and desks work together to facilitate access and connection between employees. Access to the calendar: By integrating with Outlook and ICS calendars, your communications system can help you track events, automate invitations and access your contacts for phone, chat and other communication tools. Instant messaging: Most organizations use instant messaging through multiple programs that are not guaranteed or managed correctly. This is a primary mode of communications that connects coworkers regardless of their geographic location.

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