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What is contextual marketing and smart content?

Anyie Torres 9 de July del 2018 Online Marketing No Comments
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Marketing, one of the main goals is to know how to send the right message to the right people through the indicated channel. This is the basic definition of contextual marketing. According to Harvard Business Review, the four P’s of traditional marketing (price, placement, promotion and product) need to be redefined and contextualized according to the particular needs, requirements and circumstances of your clients. In this way, contextual marketing enhances the entire user experience through a system of personalized content depending on the situation of each individual. What is contextual marketing? Currently, marketing is no longer focused exclusively on the brands or products that they offer. Today the most important thing is to meet the needs of customers and provide a satisfactory experience. No matter how good your offer or your product is, but full value as part of your strategy, it will be of little use to have a revolutionary product. As technology evolves, the habits of consumers and their degree of attention are modified. These behavioral changes could be a problem for marketers; however, they represent a great opportunity. Sure has happened to you, customers increasingly demand more from all companies, it is the task of the marketing areas to customize their strategies to impact in the best way with their future clients.

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